3 Pack Big Westerns Volume 1 - DVD


A Good Day To Die - One of the best westerns to come down the trail in years, this mini-series stars Portier as Gypsy Smith, a gunfighter and a bounty hunter. When he leads the US army into a Cheyenne camp to capture a suspected Indian renegade a long chain of events begins that finally lead to that `good day to die’.The Shadow Riders - Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott are two brothers who battled on opposing sides of the Civil War return home at the end of the war to discover that their family has been kidnapped by Confederate forces. Fast, classic action that will satisfy all western fans.You Know My Name - Fact-based bio of early film director-producer, Bill Tilghman (Sam Elliott). Tighman was a real life cowboy, who rode with the Earps & faced down countless bad guys. When he turned to films, he was determined to make authentic westerns like this.

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