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Smash Cut is a 2009 Canadian slasher horror directed by Lee Demarbre. Lights… Camera… Body Parts! Smash Cut is the dizzying portrayal of a troubled filmmaker losing his mind in an extraordinary way. Able Whitman (David Hess) is a horror-film director whose movies are panned by critics and audiences alike – until he starts killing people and using their body parts as props in his new flick. Now, only intrepid Smash Cut reporter April Carson (Sasha Grey) and celebrated private detective Isaac Beaumonde (Jesse Buck) stand between the demonic director and his unquenchable thirst for butchery at 24 frames per second! Inspired by the career and filmography of 60s gore-meister Herschell Gordon Lewis, Smash Cut is a gore-splattered satire of the blood sport known as filmmaking. Special Features Feature-Length Commentary Extras including Sasha’s Diary, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes (includes Alternate Ending), Gag Reel, Terror Toy Trailer & Clip (approx. 106 mins). User Review "..The movie is meant to be a nod to Herschell Gordon Lewis, considered by horror fans to be the Godfather of Gore. What you need to know going into the movie is that it's meant to be an over-the-top splatterfest that simultaneously seems to poke fun and pay tribute to horror movies of old. Even though it was shot for only 400k in Canada, the movie is intentionally given a low-budget look. That being said, diehard fans of 60's and 70's horror movies will probably love this movie. There's plenty of gore, and terrific 1970's erotic film music. But if you don't fall into that group that digs the older stuff, you'll more than likely hate this film. While I understood the entire point of the movie, I personally didn't find it entertaining, though I can see how some fans of old-school horror movies will eat it up. The most interesting aspect of the film to me was that it starred Sasha Grey, who I thought did a great job in Steven Soderbergh's film the Girlfriend Experience. She did Smash Cut first, but this movie was actually released after Girlfriend Experience elevated her beyond adult video work." Compay

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