Thinkfun - Gordian's Knot


Ignite Your Mind! For people of all ages who want to challenge their mind and sharpen their skills, ThinkFun is the world’s leader in addictively fun games that build reasoning & creative thinking skills through play. 69 Steps to a Solution! Gordian’s Knot is the world’s hardest take-a-part puzzle! Every move will enable one or more pieces to move easily, but finding the correct sequence of moves that will unlock the puzzle is no easy feat! If you like a serious puzzle challenge, Gordian’s Knot is for you! Features: Six colorful interlocking puzzle pieces Forty-page step-by-step solution book Easy-to-follow reassembly instructions Teaches deductive reasoning and problem-solving Product Dimensions 23×16.5×17cm Suitable for ages 14 years and up

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