The Fabulous Forties - DVD


Enjoy Oscar nominated films, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, This is the Army, Cheers for Miss Bishop, Lady of Burlesque and the award winning The Last Chance, as well as wonderful characters like Lil' Abner, Andy Hardy and Dick Tracy. Take delight in stars such as Barbara Stanwyck, Hedy Lamarr, Fred Astaire, Susan Hayward, Freddie Bartholomew, Yul Breynner, James Stewart, Merle Oberon, Gene Tierney, and many other screen legends. This exciting 5o-Movie Collection is a treasure trove of big films and big stars from the fantastic decade known as The Fabulous Forties! Includes: Port of New York, Second Chorus, The Black Book, Topper Returns, Guest in the House, Trapped, The Red House, The Lady Confesses, Jungle Book, Dick Tracy's Dilemma, The Strange Woman, D.O.A., Treasure of Fear, The Stork Club, The Adventures of Tartu, Dr Kildare's Strange Case, Gung Ho!, The Chase, Whistle Stop, Meet John Doe, Shock, The Adventures of Gallant Bess, Freckles Comes Home, Passport to Pimlico, Drums of Africa, The Immortal Battalion, Sundown, Jack London, Li'l Abner, Cheers for Miss Bishop , The Last Chance, Outpost in Morocco, Boys of the City, This is the Army, The Uncertain Feeling, Dishonored Lady, Penny Serenade, The Devil Bat, My Man Godfrey, Smash-up: The Story of a Woman, The North Star, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The sin of Harold Diddlebock, His Girl Friday, Love Laughs at Andy Hardy, The Town Went Wild, Broadway Limited, Pot O' Gold, Tulsa, Lady of Burlesque.

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