Loving Earth Raw Organic 85% Dark Chocolate 80g

Loving Earth’s 2015 vintage 85% Dark Chocolate bar is pure, premium single-origin Amazónico Criollo cacao grown by the indigenous Asháninka people of Peru. The 2015 harvest yielded a richly flavoured cacao that gives hints of fennel and aniseed on the palate, sweetened in these bars by low-GI coconut nectar. The two forms of cacao, beans (75%) and butter (10%), are both minimally processed at low temperatures to preserve their natural nutrients. Those include magnesium and antioxidants at twice the concentration found in ordinary chocolate bars. As Loving Earth uses no artificial stabilisers they recommend refrigerating their bars for best snacking texture; it’s also easy to melt them for use in coating or dipping. Organic & vegan No gluten or dairy Fair Trade Excellent source of magnesium Sweetened with low-GI coconut nectar 2 × the antioxidants of regular chocolate bars Ingredients: 75% Raw Cacao Beans, 15% Evaporated Coconut Nectar, 10% Virgin Cacao Butter, Cashew, Hazelnut, Almond. 85% Min Cacao CONTAINS TREE NUTS. NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH TREE NUT ALLERGIES.

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