The Endless Road: Struggles to Strength ~ Paperback ~ Mable Green


With the publication of her book, Mable Green celebrated life after being silent for so many years. On the dark night of her mother's illness her family took a new turn. Her dad's outlook on life changed. It was unbearable to watch on many occasions. It was a new beginning for Mable and her brothers. She began to write when her son went away to the military. With the loss of a sister and her brothers Mable began to reflect. The grandchildren of her mom and dad continued to ask questions about their history. This gave her the decision to research and write. This book allows history to be told. She conveys some of her past and true life experiences in her stories. She expresses love, losses and shared some laughter along the way. She will take you on a journey to the 1800's and explore her visions, interviews of a few life stories. Mable grew up in Bolivar, Tennessee and now resides in the state of Michigan. If you like The Endless Road perhaps you may enjoy her book Reflections Short Stories in Poems.

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