Jak and Daxter Trilogy

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Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy™ – November 2001 From the creators of Crash Bandicoot comes an adventure that will take you from forbidden jungle to underwater ruins, through fiery canyons and over snowy mountains. You'll make many fantastic discoveries, and learn of a sinister plot to change your world for all time. And eventually, you will be forced to make a terrible choice... Jak II™: Renegade – October 2003 Jak's back. The long-eared one and his furry sidekick Daxter return for another bout of futuristic free-roaming adventures. Jak II: Renegade expands on its predecessor in just about every way. The same charming character animation has been given a polish, the gameplay is more intuitive than ever, and additions such as car-jacking give Jak II a unique twist on the well-worn 3D platform adventure. Jak 3™ – November 2004 Jak 3 is the most challenging, exciting adventure that Jak and Daxter have ever faced . For Jak to succeed in his missions you'll need to master different game styles incorporating driving, adventure, action-platform, puzzles, strategy and exploration skills. Jak 3 also features a greater degree of character complexity. In addition to controlling Daxter at several points during the game, you can use Jak's new Light powers.

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