Tinylove Spin "N' Kick Discovery Arch

$35.96  $44.95

Spin ’n’ Kick Discovery Arch™ Double the fun! Feature-packed activity arch for hands and feet Reinforces self-discovery and cognitive development with a wide selection of fun features and toys: rotating rattling paddles, crinkly peek-a-boo book, puppy rattle and more Uniquely designed with stimulating activities for babies hands AND feet. For extra interest, simply swap between the arches - interchanging between the hand and feet activities Arch easily attaches to strollers and baby carriers and angles towards baby for ideal positioning Designed with contrasting colors that stimulate baby This product is patent pending Easily connect the arch to your stroller or baby carrier for fun and amusement on the go. Flexible arch and universal attachment clip let you adjust the toy to your baby's changing age and stage. 0-3 months During the first three months, baby's vision needs stimulation. The Spin ’n’ Kick Discovery Arch includes fun, colorful toys that are perfect for this purpose. 3-6 months Your baby is beginning to understand cause & effect and will love experimenting with the fun hands and feet paddles. Make sure the arch is positioned at an appropriate distance for both hands and feet exploration.Gradually, baby will learn to control his movements and move the paddles and dangling toys as he pleases. These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby: Senses The smiling puppy, small mirror and colorful cloth book stimulate baby’s sight while the doggy rattle, crinkly book and beads stimulate baby’s hearing. Fine Motor Skills As baby bats at the hanging toys or uses hands to turn pedals, she develops her fine motor skills.  Gross Motor Skills Baby kicks at the arch and turns the paddles, strengthening his leg muscles.  

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