Sheridan Deluxe Feather & Down Quilt Queen


Take home from <b>$21.92</b> per week. A summer weight quilt made from a 50/50 blend of white goose down and feather fill with a luxurious 300 thread count cotton sateen cover it features a baffled cassette construction with individual square pockets that holds the filling in place for evenly distributed warmth. <br /><br />The Deluxe Feather &amp; Down quilt is a softer fuller lighter quilt that offers supreme quality luxury and comfort with natural insulating properties to encourage a perfect night&rsquo;s sleep by maintaining an even body temperature throughout the night. <br /><br />The 300 thread count cotton sateen cover feels silky smooth with beautifully sewn square cassette-pockets ensure an even distribution of the fill for consistent warmth and superior comfort with a loftier and fuller quilt appearance at all times.

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