Professional Farmer 2014 Collector's Edition ~ PC Games


Professional Farmer 2014 offers many different machines for transport and ploughing and farm work, different grain types and animals as well a huge game world for you to enjoy! Plan your work during the different seasons. Drive your vehicles and to your fields by yourself or hire helpers for your work. Gain an income with the purchase and sales of different goods. Expand your farm and buy new estates and become more and more successful. Huge, free gameworld Enjoy different seasons and take care of them during your workday. Original machines and tractors are waiting for you Virtual workers help (if needed) to do your work. Career mode including the tutorial makes the start of the game much easier for beginners, Different grain types and animal species Expansion of your farm possible Enhance your gricultural area by field purchases Realistic displays and gear speed. Features: The first time ever in a farming simulation: all 4 seasons along with timing (spring sowing, mowing during fall, etc.) Over 40 original tractors and machinery with authentic handling Original machines from well-known brands Campaign mode includes over 40 missions and a playing time of over 10 hours With easy (transport of animals) to time-intensive missions (collecting the harvest before a thunderstorm), and more Continuous play The pro farmer will spend many hours enjoying the game

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