Robots (preowned)


Play as the hero Rodney Copperbottom, as he sets off on thrilling adventures through the living, breathing worlds of the Robots movie. The Robots' world is about to be taken over by an evil tyrant and it is up to the player to save his fellow robots from a tragic destiny. Players will hop on a train to a mechanical metropolis of moving gears and winding parts, meet an unforgettable cast of characters and battle evil machines -- discovering the many ways a robot can turn his parts into cool and unique gadgets. * Battle evil robots in this 3D action/adventure where players can explore the vibrant world of the Robots film as well as brand new environments * Interact with memorable characters from the movie and meet over 40 original characters created specifically for the game * Spectacular graphical effects in large free-roaming environments * Players can upgrade their character with bonus skills, cool robot parts and smart mechanical gadgets as they progress through the game * Vastly interactive experience incorporates the best elements from the movie with quality gameplay, exploration, puzzle-solving and combat * High-level of film/game integration with character, graphic and animation assets taken directly from the film

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