Percys Powder 60 x 1.4gm Sachets

Percy's Powder is the same as Percy describes in the book "Cancer Cause and Cure". This is the original and Legendary formulation, the only one approved by Percy Weston based on his 60 years of research. PERCY'S POWDER is a blood tonic and helps maintain normal blood. It is a valuable source of iron and zinc. PERCY'S POWDER is a dietary supplement taken once a day, that is the same as the mineral powder first developed by farmer, Percy Weston in the 1940's, and now further refined by him, as a means of "curbing phosphoric activity" in the body. INGREDIENTS: Each 1.4g Sachet Contains: Magnesium (as sulphate) - 78.1mg Potassium (as sulphate) - 131mg Iron (as sulphate) - 9.1mg Zinc (as sulphate) - 10.2mg Manganese (as sulphate) - 9.1mg Iodine (as potassium iodide) – 75 mcg Selenium (as selenomethionine) – 50mcg DOSE: (Adults and children over 12 years). Take one sachet of the powder daily in a glass of water. Stir well. Best taken with the juice of half a lemon, with grapefruit, or in grape or apple juice. May also be taken in tea.

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