Batman: Arkham Knight Collector's Edition Game Guide

In this explosive finale to Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series, face Batman's ultimate threat with the Batman: Arkham Knight Signature Series Guide from BradyGames. 

The Batman: Arkham Knight Collector's Edition Game Guide includes: 

  • Exclusive Lithographs - Printed on high quality stock, these exclusive, foil-stamped lithographs feature key figures from the game, including the Arkham Knight.
  • Premium Hardcover book – a must have for any Batman fan!
  • Comprehensive, spoiler-free coverage of the entire game.
  • Detailed maps showing every important location and collectible.
  • In-depth data and commentary for every gadget, tool, and item in Batman’s arsenal.
  • Exhaustive villain tactics and statistics.
  • Full puzzle coverage.
  • Everything you need to know about the new, uniquely designed Batmobile.

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